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LED lamp for road lighting.

The luminaire is suitable for roads, residential areas, parking areas and outdoor areas.

The luminaire is resistant to dust, moisture and gushing water.




  • Up to 10 % lower electricity consumption if ES (Energy Saver) tubes are used
  • Light fitting protection: IP66
  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 55 °C
  • Lifetime: up to 100 000 hours / L90B10 at ta = 45 °C
  • Model CRI > 70: 4000 K, 3000 K
  • The watt and lumen values can, in accordance with valid standards, vary by ± 7,5 %

Materials / finishes

  • Body: black aluminium alloy
  • Body: gray aluminium alloy
  • Cover: thermally hardened safety glass
  • Cable gland: PG 9
  • Terminal block: three-pole screwed type, with disconnector for wire cross section of max. 4 mm2

Electric equipment

  • LED modules, overvoltage protection 10 kV, 1 PN power supply with CLO and midnight function / power supply DALI 4 PN

Attachment method

  • Directly to the wall using a wall bracket
  • With the broken boom to the mast
  • Using an arched boom to the mast