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HRI-T 400W/230/B/E40 Aquastar/blue,

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Fabrikat Radium
Ampere 3
Watt 400
Volt 230
Sockel E40
Kelvin 2000
Candel 66
Färg Blue
Brinntid 4000
Längd 273
Diameter 46
Antal/låda 10
EAN 4008597165559
Energiklass B

sheet 7004-24-6


Natural daylight is a mixture of direct sunlight and the light of the sky. Therefore, its spectral composition changes permanently due to the changing time of day. The standardised light classification D65 corresponds to a daylight with a colour temperature of approximately 6500 K. 
Every discharge lamp type has got an individual spectral power distribution according to its chemical filling. From this result important properties light colour or colour rendering.
Should the spectral lines be very close together the lamp presumably has got a very good colour rendering index, so, Ra might be near 100. Does the spectrum rather look like single lines or frayed out the colour rendering of the lamp will probably be not as good. 
If number and height of the spectral lines within the blue range (around 400 nm) prevails it might be a lamp with a rather cold light colour like for example daylight. On the other hand, should the red (around 700 nm) or the red and yellow (around 600 nm) range be dominant one can assume that the lamp will be a rather warm light colour like WDL. 
After the lamp start a metal hlide lamp needs about 2-4 minutes time to reach its full luminous flux, all colours in the spectrum are within the discharge arc then.
Visible region from 380 to 780 nm; height of graph corresponding with relative spectral emission (400mW/klm) per 10nm.