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Air disinfection with the new RaLUX® UV-C Stand.


Irradiation with UV-C light is an established method of disinfection now. Viruses and bacteria can be treated effectively, thus preventing the spread of diseases.

Radium has developed a special floor-standing device for disinfecting the air: the RaLUX® UV-C Stand. By purifying the air, the risk of transmitting diseases such as COVID-19 can be minimised. Why? Because the tiny aerosols that are emitted into the air when breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing are largely relieved from bacteria and viruses with the help of a UV-C emitter.


That’s how it works.

The UV-C Stand draws in air through an intake grille. Inside the unit is a T8 UV-C lamp, its radiation reduces the germ load in the air immensely. By irradiating the air with UV-C light, germs like bacteria and viruses can be deactivated by rendering their DNA harmless. The cleaned air is then ejected back into the room.

Areas of application.

The UV-C stand-alone unit can be used in any area where there is a socket for a 220-240V mains connection. Decentralised disinfection units are particularly useful in areas where the distances between people are rather small and people talk to each other. The UV-C Stand is therefore ideal, for example, for medical facilities such as doctors' offices, for smaller rooms in public facilities, for waiting areas or even in smaller offices and meeting rooms.



The breathing volume of one human being averages out at about 500 litres of air per hour. The RaLUX® UV-C Stand purifies 10,000 litres of air in the same time.


Made in Germany.


Quality directly from the Wipperfürth factory: from development to production of the UV-C unit, all steps are carried out at Radium.

More information about the product can be found here.












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